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Web Design process step by step

In order to complete a web design project on budget, on time, and in a seamless & professional manner, it’s essential to approach the entire project in six specific phases.

Initial Analysis

Prior to initiating any web project, I discuss the client’s ideas and project requirements for web presence. We will talk about the target audience of the client’s customers/visitors, the goals of the project, the requirements of the scope of the website, the client’s ideas about graphics and services and functionality the website should deliver.

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Denmark, Education

What have I learned during 4 years in Denmark?

I moved to Denmark four years ago to try a new life in a new country. I have never planned to visit Denmark, but when I received an admission notice to a Danish university, I decided to give it a try even though I planned to study in Slovakia at first. Beginnings of my studies in Denmark weren’t easy since I received the admission notice in mid-August, two weeks before the start of the 1st semester. I quickly packed my suitcase, bought a flight ticket, and landed in Copenhagen airport two weeks later.

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