Ginkgo Anti-stress Mattress

Ginkgo Anti-stress Mattress

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Handcrafted Italian mattress Antistres Gingko Biloba 2000 is a premium quality mattress designed to pamper demanding customers, provide them with relaxation and comfort.

  • Orthopedic support of the spine
  • Perfect mattress ventilation (ideal for problems with excessive sweat) -based on the combination of cold foam, pocket core and 3D ventilation grille all around the perimeter
  • Exclusive removable cover BAYSCENT® LINEA BODY CARE (500g/m2) with extracts of the GINKGO BILOBA medicinal plant



Price: 1100 €

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Why to Choose the Ginkgo Anti-stress Mattress?

Ginkgo Anti-stress Mattress has the most complete copying of the body and the orthopedic support of the spine thanks to the MICROSPRINGS 2000 system (one of the largest number of self-serving pocket springs on the market - about 2000 in a single bed, 4000 in a double bed)

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Danexplus offers high-quality mattress, manufactured in Italy with the benefit of Italian design and elegance. The company guarantees a quality bedding products that provide a comfortable and healthy night of sleep.