You need a foundation for a successful realization of your ideas and dreams. Before I start creating websites, I will make a complete analysis based on which I will build a simple concept. The concept will be transformed into a wireframe. The wireframe is a basic model of the website that clearly shows how your website could look and where the specific elements will be deployed on the site.

UX design is about developing a product/website that is both usable and user-centric. Your website will be designed with targeted customers in mind. The customers will easily find on your website what they look for, and your business will grow.


Based on the analysis and concept, I make a professional wireframe of your future website. A wireframe shows how your website could look and where the specific elements will be deployed on the site, and through the wireframe, you will understand the structure and functionality of the website.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a necessary part of a website. Together with the creation of websites and online stores, therefore I offer you also a realization of graphic design. I will create a complex graphic that, along with your website, communicates the vision and message of your company.

Graphic design is part of the marketing communication of your company that represents your business to your customers, suppliers, and competitors alike. With a creative graphic design, your company will remain in the customer's mind for a long time, and graphic design will differentiate your company from the competition.

If you need to create a functional and visually appealing design, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to use my knowledge and skills and create for you:

  • website design
  • print design (a brochure, a poster)
  • illustration (for a website, social media, print, apparel)
  • imagery for social media

Website development

Do you have a business and sell goods or services to customers? Every business needs a website nowadays. Your new website can be as much about customer service as it is about selling products and services. The site serves as an excellent presentation of your business that will bring you new customers. If you don't have a website, you're missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who you are, what you offer, and if they want to spend money with you.

Your new website will be:

Benefit for your business

You can attract a lot of new customers with a website. Online shopping is continually growing in popularity. Most people search for the product or service online before making a purchase decision. A website is like a store that opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having a website gives you the possibility to communicate with your customers at any time, and customers can find necessary information about a product, service that your business offers at any moment.

Modern and unique

I will create a unique design concerning the latest design trends. The unique design will differentiate your business from the competition. Customers will easily remember you, and your business will stand out from the crowd of competitors on the market.

Usable and user-centric website

Every website represents a business with its unique goals and ideas. Therefore the site has to meet business objectives as well as customer needs. Your new website will be user-centered and designed with the company's target group in mind.