Hello, my name is Milos, I’m a digital designer. I love to solve problems by design and design thinking. For the last 5 years,
I have helped companies and individuals design digital products, produce design and marketing assets, and create brands.

As a Senior Graphic designer & Web designer, I’m responsible for producing and delivering visually appealing design solutions, promoting web traffic, social media engagement, and customer acquisition.

Besides that, I know how to design and develop websites and create design assets for web, mobile, and social media to increase the company’s brand awareness while ensuring brand consistency across all marketing channels.

I am open to new collaborations!

I share my experience on my blog.
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Miloš Lacko



  • – Plan and conduct user research
  • – Interpret data and qualitative feedback
  • – Create user journey maps and personas
  • – Determine information architecture and create user flows
  • – Create prototypes and wireframes
  • – Conduct usability testing
  • – Create user-centered designs by understanding business requirements, the voice of the customer, user journeys, customer feedback, and usability findings
  • – Quickly and iteratively create user flows, wireframes, prototypes, low and high-fidelity mockups
  • – Communicate with product and engineering teams, as well as business stakeholders and executive leadership
  • – Ensure the voice of the customer is present by incorporating customer feedback, usage metrics, and usability findings into the design
  • – Performing metrics analysis post-launch to inform design/UX optimization efforts


  • – Goal-setting & Discovery session
  • – Plan and conduct user and market research
  • – Interpret data and findings
  • – Create user journey maps and personas
  • – Determine information architecture and create user flows
  • – Create prototypes and wireframes
  • – Create style guide
  • – Create a graphic design of the website and mockups
  • – Develop the website with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript or with WordPress
  • – The browser and bug testing
  • – Review & Launch website

✏️ Everyday tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD), Zeplin, WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, Mailchimp, SendFox, Google Analytics, Hotjar…

Why to collaborate with me?


Every project is approached as my own, given deadlines are met, and digital solutions are made to last.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Acquiring up-to-date knowledge to improve my expertise and capacity for implementation in the relevant work processes.


Transforming ideas into reality. Coming up with creative solutions to one problem and creating business value by connecting the dots.

Problem solving mindset

Every problem can be solved. My interest in various fields has helped me to stay curious and open-minded.