UX & UI design - Web & Mobile applications

User experience that make a difference in people's lives

Human-centered design is a crucial aspect of creating innovative products and services. By focusing on the needs and wants of the user, we can develop strategic solutions that provide competitive value.

Through research and analysis, we can identify gaps in the market and develop new ideas to fill them. Rather than simply working with what already exists, I strive to define how something should be and constantly improve it through research-based and user-centered methods.

UX Design is the process in which I conceptualise and design products to reflect a meaningful and engaging user experience. This process has many core elements to consider including usability, functionality, and branding.

UI Design is the process of designing an interface for a website, software or mobile application, mainly focused on style and usability. The purpose of UI design is to create a structured, easy-to-navigate and engaging interface.

Web design - Corporate websites

Meaningful website makes you stand out among competitors

Good design can change how the target group perceives and interacts with your brand and business. Based on insights based on workshops, user research and analysis, I ensure that you achieve your message and objectives.

With a focus on creating a clear and effective concept that is relevant and meaningful for the target group, I arrange value-creating user experiences.

The path to a successful web solution is always best achieved in close cooperation with you, because no one knows your business better than you do.

Digital & Visual identities

Positive transformation through insight, vision and execution

A strong identity is essential to communicate the right story about the values ​​and positioning behind your brand. Regardless of whether the challenge is to ensure that your existing material is updated for use on digital platforms - where the expectations and requirements are different from classic printed media, or whether we need to create an identity from scratch, I can develop a consistent and effective visual expression across all your touchpoints. This is crucial for creating a coherent experience for the target group.

My focus is to create a clear vision that is communicated as effectively as possible. In order to create an overall impression that is lifted above the sum of all the sub-elements, no detail is too small – I take into account that everything from micro-interactions, art direction on images, to the development of design manuals play together and contribute to the objective.

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