CLIENT: Mile Voyage | MY ROLE: UX design, UI design, Visual design, Web development


Mile Voyage is an upcoming brand in private business travel. The company provides private jets to business professionals and individuals to maximize their time efficiency. Business aviation gives the clients complete flexibility in business travel. Book a one-way or round-trip flight, and the Mile Voyage team organizes the entire flight to be as pleasant as possible and best meet clients' business needs.

Problem statement

Just like any other industry, the private jet charter has its fair share of problems. The growing number of private jets and its opening availability have made it a more attractive option for those who want to travel without the complications associated with commercial airline travel.

Mile Voyage is an upcoming brand that needs a website to establish its credibility and build trust with its customers. Additionally, the website has to have a private jets booking system that allows the company sells services around the clock. Last but not least, the content on the website serves as an additional salesperson, helping clients get the information they need and convincing them of the benefits of the company’s services.

Project scope

The project's scope was to create a new website and logo that identify and distinguish the company’s brand in consumers' minds. The emphasis was given on the flight request form that needed to be accessible on each page and the fleet subpage with several available private jets and their details.

  • Website
  • Logo

My design process

  • Goal-setting & Discovery session
  • Plan and conduct user and market research
  • Interpret data and findings
  • Create user journey maps and personas
  • Determine information architecture and create user flows
  • Create prototypes and wireframes
  • Create style guide
  • Create a graphic design of the website and mockups
  • Develop the website with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
  • The browser and bug testing
  • Review & Launch website

My results

The result of our collaboration was a new refreshed website design with eye-catching photos of private jets and a simple logotype. Mile Voyage specializes in private business travel and provides on-demand private jets. Traveling for business has never been easier, visitors are able to request a flight quote right away with an elegant booking form. Showcase of available fleets and services are displayed on subpages. The website is ready to promote the company's services, attract new leads, and increase brand awareness.

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