CLIENT: Publixing | MY ROLE: UX design, UI design, Visual design


Publixing is an audiobook publishing company. The company produces dozens of audiobooks and books a year and offers the largest selection of Slovak and Czech audiobooks. The audiobooks are promoted through the company’s website divided into subpages and sections according to the audiobook’s genre. The company’s website was outdated, needed to increase traffic, generate more leads, and improve user experience.

Problem statement

Customers now research, compare and buy products online more than ever. The company’s website was created a long time ago and wasn’t up to date anymore. Publixing uses the website to promote the newly published audiobooks; therefore, it was time to create a new design and improve the site’s structure. Aside from the visual look, the company needed first and foremost to increase traffic, generate more leads, improve SEO, and improve user experience. A website redesign can help keep up with the changes in consumer behavior and maximize the company's results online.

Project scope

The project's scope was to create a new information architecture and overall structure of the company’s website, visual design, and content structure.

  • Information architecture
  • Website design

My design process

  • Goal-setting & Discovery session
  • Plan and conduct user and market research
  • Interpret data and findings
  • Create user journey maps and personas
  • Determine information architecture and create user flows
  • Create prototypes and wireframes
  • Create style guide
  • Create a visual design of the website and mockups

My results

The result of our collaboration was a new information architecture, the visual design of the company’s homepage for desktop and mobile, and the product page. Publixing’s website serves as a “home base” that the client can send to customers when they want to purchase or learn more about a particular product a company offers. The new design and site's structure make it easy to search among hundreds of audiobooks and find the one that a customer desire.

Each audiobook has a play button that allows a customer to listen to a sample from the audiobook. With two buttons below the product, the customer can quickly choose and add to the cart a type of audiobook he wants to purchase. The new website has helped the client attractively promote audiobooks and convert more visitors into customers.

Milos Lacko Milos Lacko

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