CLIENT: Tejnsmed | MY ROLE: UX design, UI design


Tejnsmed is a staffing provider that connects craftsmen and customers in Denmark. With an increase of skilled laborers and handymen was a company looking for “a platform” for smiths where they can manage the workers, have an overview of smiths’ availability, send out some emails, and manage some certificates.

The company employs skilled laborers such as smiths, welders, carpenters, woodworkers, and other handypersons. My job was to design a low-fidelity wireframe to show the client what it could be and how the new platform might help manage the workers.

Problem statement

The main company’s problem was workers' management. The company has many skilled workers and a bunch of data in excel spreadsheets. The staffing manager's job is to have an overview of all workers, their availability, contact info, etc., but that has become difficult with increased information.

Over time the company started to lose track of workers’ information: workers’ availability, certificates, contact info, etc. The company needed an employee management tool where they can easily have a calendar overview of workers’ availability, send out some emails, manage certificates, and stay in touch with clients.

Project scope

The project's scope was to create a low-fidelity wireframe, information architecture of the worker’s platform to show client what is possible to create.

  • Information architecture
  • Low-fidelity wireframe

My design process

  • Conduct user research
  • Interpret data
  • Define personas
  • Create user journeys
  • Determine information architecture
  • Define necessary functions
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes and wireframes

My results

I participated in creating a new employee management tool for a company Tejnsmed. I have created several screens with an overview of how the new management tool could look like. I incorporated all necessary functions at my disposal. I also created mobile designs since the client asked for an effective employee management tool that the staffing managers can use on the go.

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